Sunday, January 6, 2008

No More Pesky Flies

It’s that time of year... Bugs in the air. Make them DISAPPEAR! If you or maybe someone you know has this problem - Basic Cleaner is the answer! It is totally non toxic so can be used on skin and even around food.

Basic Cleaner is truly ALL PURPOSE, from your walls to the ceilings to the floors to cleaning the kids, to saying good-bye to those pesky summer time bugs!

Abbie’s Story:
All last summer I mixed Basic Cleaner (1 part to 8 parts water) and used it as a fly spray on my horses (and on ourselves). The horses love it. It works great and keeps their coats soft and shiny.

I read one of the emails that I got recently that said I could use Basic Cleaner as a fly spray around my barn etc. I had flies everywhere! So I mixed Basic Cleaner in a spray bottle that attaches to a hose and sprayed everywhere.

Tonight I thought would be the ultimate test. I went out to feed my horses and usually I spray them again and the flies are horrible. But this time, NOT ONE FLY. I even looked for them. Not even on the horses. No little hatching flies around the water trough. None in the truck waiting for me to take them home with me. I couldn't believe it. I have also sprayed my yard with Basic Cleaner and have noticed that our bug population around our house is non existent plus the grass is growing like crazy.

AND ANTS! Did I mention ANTS? If you have tried everything to rid your property from mounds of ants many of us have found Basic Cleaner will make the ants DISAPPEAR!

Brianne Story:
Basic Cleaner. It works. You can use it to spray areas where flies breed or congregate. Once they have been misted, they can’t fly anymore and die. They hate it, and will not bother or bite horses who have been sprayed with it.

You can make a diluted spray with 10-12 parts water and one part Basic Cleaner. You can adjust the mixture to suit your area, but trust me, that concentration is plenty strong.

You can also use it to bathe your horses, yourself and your tack too. PH is in the range of human and horse skin, so it is great for sensitive skinned horses and people. No yucky smell either.

Try it once and you will NEVER buy another fly repellent. The price is great too. Buy a 64 oz bottle and imagine how far it goes. Makes up to 6 gallons of fly spray. Great price, great product. I began using it at the stables where I board, and the whole stable was using it within the month, and continues to use it even after I brought my horses home.

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